Learning about Islam through English

Learning about Islam through English
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For those who want to learn about Islam, you may join Whatsapp group through this link :

Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/1MVTmcIo1LJ46a5LjjFm6V

This is Talibul Qur'an & Sunn'ah 2 Male Group for Brothers Subhan'Allah 

The Group is Question and Answer format where you are allowed to ask as many as Questions regarding fiqh , sharee'ah, Deen or Islamic reform issues In Sha Allaah 

Hence share with your friends and colleagues about this group so that it becomes a Sadaqat for those who wish to learn Deen in its true sense just like the ways of Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam 

The group teaching and preaching will be based on Salaf Us Saliheen of Haramain Wa sharafain In Sha Allaah 

And whatever question will be asked will backed by reference of Shaykh like Uthaymeen Rahimuallah Ta'ala, Shaykh Bin Baaz Rahimuallah Ta'ala, Shaykh Al Albani Rahimuallah Ta'ala, Shaykh Fawzan Al Salih Rahimuallah, and many of its like In Sha Allah 

Group Rules 
1. No Chatting 

2. No Postings,

3. No Islamic Videos, messages, or link sharing 

4. No arguments and opinion sharing 

5. No change of icon of the group or status 

6. No Answer given by any member of any Questions

7. No Personal or Official promotion of any group is allowed in our group 

Those who won't follow the rules will be immediately deleted and removed from the group without any warning Subhan'Allah


You are allowed to ask as much as questions you wanted to ask regarding Deen , Fiqh, Sharee'ah and Islam Reforms issues In Sha Allaah 

Answer will be provided by Admins within 48 hours and if the answer isn't posted within 48 hours than post your question again only after 5 days In Sha Allaah 

Question Asking Format:

Before asking any questions start with salam means full Taslim or else his question will be not be entertained

If The Question is urgent than before question write on top urgent hence accordingly that will be addressed In Sha Allaah 

Hope to see you brothers in the journey of knowledge and Deen In Sha Allaah 

May Allah Subhanawa'Ta'ala Mercy, Blessings , and Salutations Be Upon All of you In Sha Allaah and May He The Al Jabbar make you among Saliheen In Sha Allaah 

Ba'arak Allaahu Feekum 

Wa Aakhiri Da'wana Wa'Alhamdulillahi Wa'Rabbil AlameenTampilkan Grup

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  1. Assamualaikum maaf kq saya mau join dgrup ini error mulu ya ? please add me +6289503613280. Thanks


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