Beware of Telephone Scams

Some con artists swindle gullible people over the telephone. To avoid becoming a victim of telephone fraud, follow these tips provided by the police:
1. Never give a stranger any personal information. (This rule applies to any unknown persons seeking information in person or by mail as well as by telephone.) Particularly, do not reveal your address, Social Security number, bank account number, or credit card number.

2. If a solicitor bothers you with requests for money or tries to argue, simply hang up.
3. If the call includes just about any promise of sudden riches, call the police. If you suspect the telephone offer is a fraud, note the following details and include them in your report to the police:
• the name or title the caller used to identify himself or herself
• what the person said about the firm that he or she claimed to represent
• what the caller promised or offered
• what the caller told you to do (Give personal information? Mail money, or arrange for someone to pick it up?)

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