30 Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris Dasar Paket I Kelas XI

Practise makes perfect !. Setidaknya inilah ungkapan yang perlu selalu kita ingat agar kemampuan bahasa Inggris kita semakin baik. Berikut 30 Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris Dasar Paket I Kelas XI yang bisa kamu kerjakan untuk mengasah kemampuan bahasa Inggris kamu. Selamat mengerjakan and good luck.

1. My sister feels drowsy ______ she has a long time fever.
a. Because
b. So
c. But
d. Until

2. She was tired _____ she took a rest in a long time.
a. Because
b. So
c. But
d. Until

3. We drive to north _____ we want to Europe.
a. Because
b. So
c. But
d. Until

4. My laptop is the ______ among others.
a. Good
b. Better
c. Bestest
d. Best

5. Isn’t he the ______?
a. Tall
b. Taller
c. Tallest
d. Most tall

6. This book is too ______.
a. Big
b. Biggest
c. Bigger
d. Biggers

7. Randy has ____ old.
a. Grown
b. Grow
c. Growed
d. Grows

8. She is falling in ____ with me.
a. Love
b. Loving
c. Lover
d. Loves

9. I am going to buy an _____ fish.
a. Extra large
b. Large
c. Medium
d. Largest

10. Cats ____ fast.
a. Run
b. Runs
c. Running
d. Ran

11. I ______ to your house.
a. Went
b. Goes
c. Gone
d. Going

12. She will _____ us.
a. Follow
b. Follows
c. Following
d. Followed

13. I have ______ a beautiful rose for her.
a. Bring
b. Bringing
c. Brought
d. Brings

14. I ______ go to Washington D.C next week.
a. Am going to
b. Will
c. Was going to
d. Plans to

15. Do you _____ me to go?
a. Wants
b. Want
c. Wanted
d. Wanting

16. She is the best _____.
a. Singing
b. Sings
c. Singer
d. Singers

17. _____ here will make you being arrested.
a. Hide
b. Hidden
c. Hides
d. Hiding

18. She is fast ____ she is old
a. Because
b. But
c. Although
d. Since

19. Move fast _____ we cannot reach them.
a. Or
b. But
c. Because
d. Until

20. I have lived here ____ you were child.
a. Since
b. Because
c. Until
d. So

21. I cannot speak English _____.
a. Good
b. Best
c. Well
d. Worse

22. My lecturer smokes ____ he never drink alcohol.
a. And
b. But
c. For
d. Since

23. My brother drink either mineral water __ cola every day.
a. Or
b. Nor
c. Yet
d. And

24. You have to keep quiet ___ the help come.
a. So
b. Till
c. But
d. For

25. She is permitted to drive a car _____ she is 16 years old.
a. Because
b. So
c. Until
d. Although

26. Do you need a car ___ a bike?
a. Or
b. And
c. For
d. Nor

27. The room is clean ___ the food is bad.
a. Or
b. And
c. For
d. Nor

28. I had a new car ___ a new job.
a. Or
b. And
c. For
d. Nor

29. I was playing a guitar ____  she was typing a letter.
a. For
b. Since
c. While
d. But

30. _____ I have learnt English for over 3 years, I am still shy to speak.
a. Even though
b. Since
c. While
d. But

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